Five Year Strategic Initiatives 2015-2019

Initiative 1: Product Development

Objective #1:  Prepare all remaining development pads at the existing industrial parks.
Objective #2:  Identify and invest in new development sites in order to spur increased job creation.
Objective #3:  Construct a speculative shell building based on market demand.
Objective #4:  Develop off-base product to support F-35 suppliers.

Initiative 2: New Business Recruitment

Objective #1:  Develop and produce customized, professional marketing materials.
Objective #2:  Conduct recruitment trips to and from Craven County.
Objective #3:  Develop a local Job Development and Investment Grant program.
Objective #4:  Create and implement a direct marketing effort for targeted industries.
Objective #5:  Coordinate with the agriculture cooperative and State of NC to recruit/develop agribusiness.

Initiative 3: Business Retention and Expansion

Objective #1:  Formalize an existing business retention program.
Objective #2:  Develop and implement an existing industry supply chain prospect recruitment strategy.
Objective #3:  Establish a local (B2B) purchasing program to leverage purchasing power of large institutions and industries.
Objective #4:  Develop an Existing Industry Growth Fund

Initiative 4: Small Business and Entrepreneurial Development

Objective #1:  Develop and market a small business and entrepreneur (SBE) program.
Objective #2:  Implement SBE plan, physical space renovation, and hiring of staff for an entrepreneur development center.
Objective #3:  Open and operate The Entrepreneur Center of Craven County.

Initiative 5: Training and Workforce Development

Objective #1:  Assist Craven Community College and Eastern Carolina Workforce Development Board with expanding workforce readiness programs.
Objective #2:  Create Advanced Manufacturing Pathway