Living Here

We humbly acknowledge that we can take no credit for the deep blue skies that hang above and the spectacular waterways that flow through Craven County. They were here long before the people arrived. What we can brag about is the community of people who live and work here in Craven.

Craven County:

  • 774 square miles (66 square miles is water)
  • Just minutes to the Intercoastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean
  • 155,000 acres of Croatan National Forest, including 40 miles of streams and 4,300 acres of lakes
  • Year-round opportunities for hiking, camping, hunting, boating, paddleboard, and fishing
  • Music, dance, theater, history and the creative arts
  • Mt. Olive University and Craven Community College

The weather and activities along with access to superlative healthcare bring many retirees to Craven. It is not unusual to find that once one family member discovers Craven County that others follow. This southern county is affordable, warm, and welcoming.

Life in Craven County

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